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Get the EDGE with Our Powerful Resources
to Improve Your Margins on Generic Business  

Generic Edge is an exclusive benefit for active APRx shareholders.
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This webpage and our Generic Insider email alerts will bring you vital economic information about: 

Product shortages that are likely to result in price increases;

  • Generic product launches & their projected discounts from brand;
  • Pricing trends & dynamics that indicate wholesale cost increases are likely; 
  • Price decreases by one or both wholesalers; and
  • Vaccine supply reports and sources.

Quickly shifting prices in the generics market mean that buying opportunities may appear and disappear suddenly, so always place your order through your wholesaler as quickly as possible to take advantage.

On average, it takes more than 37 days for MACs to be adjusted for reimbursements when there is a generic price increase, and it often can take longer. If we identify that a price increase is imminent on a particular generic product, we recommend that you protect your margins by purchasing enough inventory to carry you through this period of lagging reimbursement. 

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NEW:  Updated FDA Drug Shortages List  

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