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We've got a new name, a new look and the same bold vision for the advocacy success of Texas Independent pharmacy. Stand with us as we take APRxPAC to the top and make it the largest pharmacy PAC in Texas by 2017!

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TPBC — and by extension, Texas retail pharmacy — have experienced unprecedented legislative success the past two sessions. Much of it derives from the deep, productive relationships TPBC enjoys with some of the state’s most powerful, effective leaders. These lawmakers worked hard on your behalf to deliver major gains for you in 2013 and 2015. With the session now over, it is critical that we collectively stand by them and financially support their re-election.

APRxPAC is the political action committee of American Pharmacies. Contributions to APRxPAC are used by Texas Pharmacy Business Council to advance the political power of Texas independent pharmacy by:

  • Financially aiding legislators and candidates who understand community pharmacy’s vital role and support our issues;
  • Helping elected leaders understand how their decisions affect the economic and competitive welfare of independent pharmacy; and
  • Educating APRx members and other community pharmacists about the impact of the political process on our business model.

When You Support APRxPAC, You Support The Success of TPBC
There are many independent pharmacy groups with PACs that support them. Only one group — Texas Pharmacy Business Council — has proven that it has the resources, strategic focus and values to consistently win at the Capitol. In the last three sessions, TPBC has delivered the nation’s first ban on PBM transaction fees, MAC transparency reform for Medicaid and commercial health pans, plus the nation’s strongest audit regulations and prompt-payment laws. No other pharmacy organization in Texas comes close to our record.

When you support APRxPAC, you back the state’s most powerful and effective advocacy force for independent pharmacy and the legislators who enable our many successes. As the proven leaders in advocacy for Texas independent pharmacy, American Pharmacies and TPBC must have the largest Pharmacy PAC in Texas to support our efforts on your behalf.

It’s Easy to Contribute
Just fill out and detach our pledge form to make your contribution to APRxPAC today. You can contribute immediately by check or credit card, or specify a donation amount to be withheld from your annual APRx shareholder dividend/rebate payment. You don't have to be a member of American Pharmacies to contribute to our PAC -- our supporters include a growing number of non-members and non-independent pharmacists who believe in our strategies and successes.

However you pay, you’ll do your part to ensure the economic viability of independent pharmacy by steering your PAC dollars to the organization that has proven it has the best strategy and resources to use them effectively.

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