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There’s no shortage of pressing challenges for independent pharmacies: slashed Medicaid reimbursements, the growth of restrictive preferred networks and dwindling access to specialty drugs. Not to mention our ongoing problems with Medicaid reimbursement, audits, MACs, PBM clawbacks and rising operating costs.

The key to surviving and thriving in this challenging environment is to continuously find ways to lower your costs and operate more efficiently while adapting to changing trends. APRx is leading the way in identifying and building solutions to help you meet these challenges.

Wholesaler Agreement

In December 2014, American Pharmacies signed a landmark six-year contract with AmerisourceBergen that propels us into an era of unprecedented growth and prosperity. The powerful economics of our sole-source contract, coupled with the expertise and hard work of our staff and the support of ABDC, is producing rapid growth and tremendous economic benefits for our shareholders.

As our major strategic partner and a key factor in our ongoing growth, ABDC is a powerful source of expertise and resources to help drive every facet of success for independent pharmacy. ABDC proves at every turn that its resources and its commitment to APRx are changing the game. From their signage offer to our members to their business coaching and their unique generics offering for APRx, they are fully committed to our success.

Uploaded via media manager.Generic Edge

Generic Edge will keep you abreast of product supply developments, impending price increases and great buying opportunities that we identify in prescription and OTC products with wholesaler -- AmerisourceBergen.

The Generic Edge webpage and our Generic Insider email alerts will bring you vital economic information about: 

  • Product shortages that are likely to result in price increases;
  • Generic product launches & their projected discounts from brand;
  • Pricing trends & dynamics that indicate wholesale cost increases are likely; 
  • Price decreases by one or both wholesalers; and
  • Vaccine supply reports & sources


Uploaded via media manager.American Pharmacies and FDS Inc. (Freedom Data Services) partnered to develop a groundbreaking business analytics tool that brings you the powerful business intelligence you need to improve your pharmacy’s performance and profitability.  RxCOMPASS identifies key dispensing trends, lost patients and income opportunities by analyzing dispensing data through your Pharmacy Management System. 

RxCOMPASS is a state-of-the-art program with a level of detail and business analytics that is unavailable anywhere else in the marketplace. It is available at no charge to qualifying APRx member pharmacies. All you need to do is sign up to take advantage of this groundbreaking opportunity.


Uploaded via media manager.RxLegacy

American Pharmacies’ dedication to the future vitality of independent pharmacy-led us to partner with AmerisourceBergen to create RxLegacy. The goal of RxLegacy is to strengthen the chain of independent pharmacy ownership by connecting like-minded, buyers, sellers and future partners. Whether you’re looking to retire, buy or expand, or plot a course toward ownership, we have free resources and consultation to help you reach your goals.

Partners & Preferred Vendors  

APRx is continually searching for new and promising revenue opportunities for our members that combine high-quality products and services with the opportunity for significant revenue for our members. We have also entered new agreements with vendors to bring you quality offerings with high margins, many times on cash sales. We also offer member discounts on a variety of products and services. Our annual Shareholder Retreat each June features a showcase of 35+ top vendors in our exhibit hall.


Expert Legal & Business Advice 

From hiring and firing employees to surviving an on-site audit to protecting your business from employee fraud, we've got expert business and legal articles on keeping your business running as smoothly as possible